13 Ways to Deal with a Difficult Customer

The squeaky wheel gets the grease, right? Some people approach conflict resolution with the goal of being as squeaky as humanly possible. Here’s how to handle this type of tough customer: 1. Don’t fight back. A loud, rude, or unruly customer may expect the same from you. Don’t take the bait: You’re likely to lose […]

4 Areas Where Your Business May Be Leaking Cash

Business May Be Leaking Cash

As a small-business owner, you probably have a good idea of what your company’s month-to-month expenses are. But have you taken the time to evaluate exactly where your cash is going? Doing so could make a big difference to your bottom line. For starters, scrutinizing your expenses on a periodic basis will help you keep […]

How to Get Over Your Fear of Public Speaking

How to Get Over Your Fear of Public Speaking

There’s something about standing up in front of a group of strangers and delivering a speech that, for many people, seems like a nightmare they’ve had since childhood. The fear of public speaking keeps some small-business owners from reaping its benefits, such as using the opportunity to build credibility, gather referrals, and generate sales. A […]

Five risks associated with not using accounting software

How do you deal with your accounting? Are you all paper and folders, a spreadsheet fan or do you prefer to keep it all computerised and backed up? You may even do a mixture (it’s tricky to go completely paper-free, especially if you deal with receipts). The trouble with being completely paper-based or even using […]