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Among the issues most often overlooked by an entity, standard operating procedures (SOPs) are typically high on the list, or, are not actually SOPs in content. Personnel who are doing the same set of tasks repetitively, such as operating an equipment or approval of a voucher, typically have little need for a written document of the processes they use.

It is not until there is an accident or some frauds/embezzlements that causes someone to look for these SOPs.

Simply stated, SOPs are not how-to manuals. They are a guideline document with specifics of operation in them so a wide group of people can operate equipment or perform various tasks similarly, without hobbling them to a set procedure which may not work well for them. Many SOPs are actually how-to manuals, which lose sight of what their intent is and bog down in the minutia of the task or process to the point they lose value as a guideline document.

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BSNS Consulting (Pvt.) Ltd. creates SOPs for most every facet of system operation and management, typically using the personnel assigned to those tasks to create the base document. Our process starts and ends with the people who perform the work being documented and should be of and with their input. Oversight of policy issues are ensured with management and co-worker review of the material prior to issuance.

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Business Process Development

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