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Wealth Statements

Wealth statement is the statement of all the assets either existing or acquired or transfer out during the year, all the liabilities weather existing or assumed during the year and all the expenditure incurred during the year that is used to assess the actual income of an individual.

Tax Law for furnishing of wealth (Section 116 of Income Tax Ordinance 2001)

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FBR (Federal Board of Revenue) require every individual whose declared or assessed income is One Million Rupees or more to file Wealth Statement along with the Wealth Reconciliation statement. In addition, FBR may require any person to furnish Wealth Statement along with the Wealth Reconciliation statement.

If someone is required to furnish a wealth statement, BSNS Consulting provide wide range of taxation services including wealth statement preparation.

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Unlock financial insights with our Wealth Statements services. Navigate prosperity through detailed analysis and strategic planning. Trust BSNSConsulting for your wealth management needs.

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Navigate tax complexities effortlessly with our Tax Accounting services. Expertise in compliance, strategic planning, and optimization. Trust BSNSConsulting for precise and reliable tax solutions.

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Seamless and accurate tax returns with our specialized services. Maximize refunds and ensure compliance with our expert guidance. Trust BSNSConsulting for stress-free tax management.

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Confidently face tax audits with our expert guidance. Our Tax Audit services ensure thorough compliance and strategic support. Trust #BSNSConsulting for a seamless and secure audit process.

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