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Registration Services

BSNS Consulting will handle all aspect of the process of incorporation of your business in Pakistan. We will handle all the matter in the following registration on your behalf:

  • A Private Limited Company
  • A Single Member Company
  • A Public Limited Company
  • A partnership Firm
  • An NGO (Under any law in Pakistan)
  • Or any other kind of Registration (PEC, Chamber of Commerce etc.)
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Corporate Registration

For getting your business register what you need to do is discuss options and provide the required information and we will process rest of the matters including preparation and signature of all Fiduciary and Legal Agreements, opening of capital bank accounts for the capital of the company, preparing all incorporation documentation including the Foundation documentation including the Memorandum and Articles of Association etc.

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Registration Services

Optimize finances with our Accounting System Implementation. Modernize and streamline your processes for increased efficiency. Trust our expert team for seamless integration and enhanced financial management.

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Trademark Registration

Gain valuable insights with our Management/Costing Reports services. Empower decision-making through detailed reports and cost analysis. Trust us for accurate financial information tailored to optimize your business strategy.

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Wealth Statements

Unlock specific insights with our Special Purpose Reports services. Tailored to your unique needs, these reports provide targeted analysis for informed decision-making. Rely on our expertise for specialized financial perspectives.

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