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Lahore’s Student Develops ‘Rush Hour Controller’ Software

Software developed by a 9th class student from Lahore has won silver medal in the e-biko International Project Olympiad held recently in Ankara, Turkey. Muhammad Abdullah Abid son of Muhammad Ismail Abid, a student of PakTurk School Lahore developed software ‘Rush Hour Controller’ which can change traffic signals according to the number of vehicles on the road after collecting data through a normal Webcam.

According to a press statement issued by Pak Turk School on Friday Muhammad Abdullah was sent to participate in the global information and communications technology competition where 176 projects from 48 countries including USA, Thailand, India, Afghanistan, Turkey, Nigeria, Albania, Brazil etc were presented.

Abid stood second in the category of software development to bag second prize and additional reward of US 300 dollars from the organisers of the contest. His software uses a Webcam or any security cam to take pictures of roads continuously, it calculate the number of cars on the roads and give more green light time to the rush direction.

If a road is empty, the program gives less time to green light and more to red one. It also caters for pedestrians and send signal to drivers if road is blocked. This program can also be effetely used in car parking, if a parking areas is empty it send SMS to registered drivers by using SMS while it has an FM radio option too to send audio message to drivers. The program sends SMS and radio signal to police if it finds something suspicious. Commenting on the success, Director Education Pak-Turk Kamil Ture said that a general symbol of development is technology, which helps individuals and societies meet their needs more easily.

Societies having completed their technological developments and keeping up with the age have higher levels of life and culture. Like many innovations, technological innovations should be firstly conveyed to education institutions, said Ture. We should encourage ambitious of Pakistani students to become technology literates to build the future with their dreams.

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