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SECP makes Online Filing of Returns Mandatory


The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) has made it mandatory for all listed companies and companies in other categories to file documents, returns, accounts and applications, through SECP’s eServices online filing facility.

The SECP had issued a notification in this regard on March 13, 2013, wherein, May 13, 2013 was given as an effective date, for the mandatory online filing.

Requirement of mandatory filing is applicable to all listed companies; Companies which had filed last document return accounts or any application through eServices or will file any document, return, accounts or application through eServices from May 13, 2013 onward. Earlier, this requirement was made applicable only to companies, which had been incorporated through eServices online filing facility. This online mandatory filing requirement will be applicable to the filing of documents, returns, accounts and applications for which eServices online submission mode is available.

This facility has been provided in line with overall objective of the SECP i.e. moving towards an automated regime and providing services with efficiency and in minimum possible time. This eServices filing facility is an easy and hassle-free mode of submission for companies to make statutory filing, along with an added feature of lesser fees as compared to manual/physical filing.

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